NocoasTMusic? “What do you guys do besides the website?”

We at NocoasTMusic have finally gotten to the point of being very active. Active on the site. Active in the streets. Active with the music. We feel that we are headed in the ideal direction of where we wanted to be when the idea of the site we originally thought of.

Thank you for your support and need for us to be.

Many questions have came up at events, during phone calls, and emails – so we thought that it’s a great time to answer a few:

Q: I’ve seen and/or been to an artist performance who is represented by NocoasTMusic, how can I become affiliated with NocoasTMusic?
A: Being an artist takes A LOT of work. If you think you have what it takes to be a musical artist please email us:
You can also call 309.558.9735 or dial **NOCOAST. LET’S TALK!

Q: What do I send?
A: If you have an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) please send. If not, please send any audio and video that you have. As well as a photo.

Q: Where are you guys based out of?
A: Though we get traffic from around the world, NocoasTMusic is actually based out of Iowa | Orlando | New York – with the base office in Iowa.

Q: I’ve heard the great quality of the songs released by NocoasTMusic artists or affiliates, do you help artists that are not with your company?
A: Yes! We do production, consulting, project management, promotion, and have writers available.

Q: I don’t have a lot of money. Will this cost a ton?
A: Depending on your budget, we can tailor a package that fit’s your needs.

Q: Do you guys know Taylor Swift?
A: No, but she’s a great artist.

Q: Instead of email can I send something to NocoasTMusic by snail mail?
A: Sure, the preferred method is by email but here is the address:

4018 Marquette Street
Unit 2368
Davenport, Iowa 52806

If this brief Question / Answer segment did not answer a few of your initial peaks of interest, please call 309.558.9735 or email

Thank you.

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