Hello World! NocoasTMusic: A Global Vision with a Midwest Focus

cropped-nocoastlogo.jpgHello world!

What do we do? We do music. We write about it, make it, manage it, produce it, and post it!¬†Whether you are a fan looking for a good read, looking for the next new and dope artist, an artist looking for management or someone who enjoys good music we are here for you! Originally set up to be a host for Midwest music only (hence the name NocoasT); the idea shifted. We will focus a vast amount of effort towards bringing more Midwestern artists to the forefront but since music is a universal language, all the pieces of what makes music so special will be on NocoasTMusic.com. This site will always bring the best signed and unsigned artists – up and coming beat makers with established multi-platinum producers – digital D.J.’s together with wax masters. NocoasTMusic will forever provide music fans the best no matter the genre…rock, rap, pop, etc… With decades of music industry experience from our NocoasTMusic team and contributors we offer a honest and real musical opinion of the music of now, yesterday, and tomorrow. We promise to guide you in the right direction to help push the limits of the music stratosphere of the future.

Take the ride with us,

Corey K.ennell
NocoasT | Florida | New York

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